Naloxone 101: Opioid overdose prevention in Montreal
Director, producer, camera & editing
“I’m here today because there isn’t a very effective public education program,” said Richard Davy, a first-year social work student at McGill, after wrapping up the first in a series of naloxone training sessions he’s holding in November. To Davy’s delight, his first presentation on Nov. 7, which amassed an assorted crowd of students, community members and TV news crews, was a success... (full text published in The Concordian)

Where are you from? (micro doc) 
Writer, director, editor, researcher
"Where are you from?" was a question that emerged in a conversation with my father about his personal experience in the Canadian South Asian diaspora, a question that had frequently been posed by others as he was growing up, and eventually, by himself. I am learning the ways the hyphen fixed between Indian-Canadian not only represents a geographical linkage, but a constant self-reconciliation between Point A and Point B of a transnational identity. This is one (unfinished) piece of a personal attempt to answer the loaded question "where are you from?" from a second-generation perspective, beyond the context of borders alone.

Presented as a video installation at Concordia University's VAV Gallery, as part of the Resonance Exhibition  
(July 30th–August 17th, 2018, Montreal, QC)

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